A complex SMART CITY project

ITS IZMIR received Smart City Service Award 2017  

                                                     TRAFFIC CONTROL

Fully adaptive traffic control system
400 intersections controlled via CROSS RS 4S Active preference for public transport, fire trucks and ambulances.
eDaptiva full-featured traffic center  


  209 traffic counters
Located on the main roads
Traffic level monitoring
Vehicle classification
Travel time measurement

                                                     TRAVEL TIME  

Traffic monitoring via strategic detectors

Traffic levels and travel time
Info boards on the city streets
Managed via Invipo

                       INFO BOARDS 

Sophisticated information system

108 large variable information boards
60 small information tables
200 departure info boards at bus stops

                                          TRAFFIC VIOLATION

Speed measurement
Red light transit violation
Excessive heigt measurement
Parking violation system
License plate recognition

Tens of thousands of traffic violations per day

                         CROSS PAVIS 

Illegal parking detection system
116 PAVIS units installed

Thousands of monitored vehicles and a number of identified offences per day


17 parking garages integrated
50 parking navigation info boards


Online monitoring of parking spaces via Invipo city dashboard

2000 wireless parking sensors installed in the streets

                                                PEDESTRIAN ZONES 

107 bollard sets in 5 zones

Automatic control based on time schedule and license plate recognition 

Manual control from the street and from the control center


30 road weather stations in the city

Weather data presented on info boards

Traffic rule engine connected for adaptive control of traffic flow

                                                     INVIPO SMART                                                         CITY PLATFORM

Big Data Concept
Integration and monitoring platform
Data aggregation and visualization
Unique workspaces
City on one screen 

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