Benefits of CROSS technology 

The city was altogether implemented with over 3000 smart devices and the whole system is driven and managed in 24H mode from the new modern control centre. 

The benefits can be seen in the everyday lives of Turks, who save tens of minutes on their daily journey to work. Illegal parking has been reduced due to the new Parking violation system installation. Thanks to red light transit detection and speed measurement devices, the roads are safer. New information boards notify about current weather conditions, warnings and travel times. Their usage is constantly expanding. 


Due to the adaptive traffic control system installation, the situation in the city has improved radically. The travel time has been shortened by a third in particular sectors and in some cases by more than a half.   

Fully adaptive traffic system, which significantly improved transit through the city. Over 400 CROSS RS 4S traffic light controllers which drive junctions in the city. 

This system is supplemented by 209 traffic counters and 110 CCTV cameras for traffic video monitoring. The whole system is set up for the preference of public city transport, fire trucks and ambulances. Into this system, there is at the moment connected 1500 buses, 164 fire trucks and 100 ambulances. 

CROSS RS 4S controllers
CROSS RS 4S controllers


Free passages for all city roads users. 116 unique facilities Pavis have been installed for automatic detection of illegal stopping and unauthorised standing.  

Parking in the city is now more organised thanks to the installation of 2000 parking sensors for the monitoring of parking spaces, occupancy on streets in downtown and integration of 107 bollards for pedestrian zones and 17 parking garages into the Invipo system.  

Parking infomation and navigation boards
Parking infomation and navigation boards

Drivers are informed about parking capacity thanks to more than 60 new information boards.   


For higher security on the roads and in the city not only is there a camera system and red light transit detection installed but also devices for speed measurement or the measurement of maximal allowed height. 


The sophisticated information system informs, thanks to the 108 variable information boards, drivers and visitors about actual data about traffic, travel times, accidents and closures but also show the actual weather from the installed 30 meteorological stations. 

Variable information board
Variable information board

200 info boards inform the citizens for example about the timetable and next departure of city ferries.

Izmir is a smart city using unique City Dashboard. You can now easily see and control how your city works, explore traffic situation, check free places where to park or just watch how the city is going right now. Link to: City dashboard

Control center
Control center

The whole system generates a big quantity of statistical data, which is used for the better functioning of the city and cost saving. The city Izmir is a good example, of how the Smart City on Big Data concept could function in practise. The whole system is driven and managed in 24H mode from the new modern control centre. 

On one of the biggest video walls made up of 24 laser panels with a size of 70" each, there is also a camera systems running alongside the CROSS eDaptiva traffic control centre for 400 intersections and primarily Invipo the smart city platform, which allows communication and interaction with all smart devices in the city.

All important outputs for citizens are also available in mobile application "IZUM".  

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