Project Details

The project was realized by the joint-venture of CROSS Zlín and AZD Praha between 2014 - 2017. The total investment was more than 20 million Euro. 

It includes the supply and installation of infrastructure in the areas of traffic lights, detection and monitoring of traffic flow, parking violation systems, road meteorology and other smart city technologies. Totally, more than 3.000 pieces of equipment have been installed in the system, which communicate online with the Smart city platform Invipo. 

The Izmir Traffic Centre (called IZUM) was built on around 1500 square meters, on 2 floors and with a 24 70" laser video wall. There is also a modern server room which includes disc space of 0,6 Petabyte, a brand new call centre and much more . It is a modern and functional work place for 90 experts of the municipality. 

255 km of optical cables was installed in the project, which was needed to get it into life. 

All important outputs for citizens is available on the web and also in mobile application "IZUM". 

After 3 years of really hard work, an attempt at a military coup, terrorist attack on the street close to the installation site, many earthquakes, overcoming obstacles with local institutions, the development of completely new technologies, finally, we can be proud that Izmir has become a GREAT SMART CITY!

Benefits of CROSS technology